Email Worker Professional v3.5 Cracked

Email Worker Professional v3.5 Cracked

Email Worker is a bulk email verify software. It can check if an email address exists without sending an email. If you sending bulk invalid email address, your email account will be disable, so this email checker is useful for you. Now this verify software is being used by tens of thousands of the internet vendors.

Feature List of the Email Worker Professional:

Bulk Import
You can import bulk email address from your computer. Email Worker support all text document, such as .txt, .csv, .xls, .doc, .xml,etc.
Email Worker will automatic identification email address from the files that you specified, and will automatically remove duplicate email addresses. You can select multiple files one time.

Bulk Export
Email Worker support export email list to multiple files, you can specified the number of emails per file.

Bulk Verify
Email Worker is a multiple threads software. It will accelerate the validation speed using multiple threads. If your network speed is fast, you can set more threads.

Running in Background
You can set Email Worker run in the background, so it will not affect you to do something else.

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